Jeffrey Baldinger:

Edinburgh Shows

Story Poker:

Edinburgh Edition

7 days of Story Poker Competition at the biggest Fringe Festival in the world with the best comedians and story tellers in the world. Hosted by Jeffrey Baldinger and Omid Singh with Live music from Danny Fitch. This show was given great reviews and had sold out shows at the Counting House in the Ballroom.

2017 - I debuted at The EdFringe fest with Story Poker as well as my own half hour Stand-Up shows. (Venues the Counting House - Ballroom and City Cafe)

Graphic Design: Mike Weinhandl

Poster Work: Jeffrey Baldinger & Omid Singh

Jeffrey Baldinger:

Living In A Hyperbolic Chamber

2018 - Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I debuted my first ever One Hour One Man Show Called "Living in a Hyperbolic Chamber (In the Newsroom)